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Continuing 3,000 plus years of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and following in the lineage and footsteps of her late grandfather, Dr. Wu, who successfully treated thousands of patients in his private clinic in Hanoi, Vietnam. The practitioner was motivated to study Acupuncture following the death of her mother, due to the long term side effects of taking a cocktail of western medication which led to further complications, eventually causing her body to completely break down. Lina decided that she did not want the same fate for herself, her remaining family or anyone else, and so embarked on a personal mission to help as many people as she can by providing alternative holistic therapies such as Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine which is natural, safe and effective.

Lina is a fully qualified acupuncturist and member of the Acupuncture Council of Ireland (ACI), a professional regulatory body for acupuncturists practicing in Ireland. She studied at Landsdowne College of Acupuncture and Complimentary Medicine (incorporating Western Medecine} in Dublin, under Dr. Vincent Carroll. Following her graduation, she served an internship at the Hospital of Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine in Hanoi, Vietnam, Vietnam's leading traditional medicine hospital and World Health Organised (WHO) accredited programme. 

Lina draws on her 10 years background as a holistic therapist, and personal experiences of Mindfulness, Transcendental Meditation (TM) Qi Gong and Reiki.

She is passionate about Acupuncture, loves learning and has continued with her professional development by training in Dr. Tans Balance Method (BM) and is now a certified BM practitioner, as well as studying Abdominal Acupuncture (AA) with Dave Shipsey, and most recently DNA (Distal Needling Accupuncture) and Medical Pulse Diagnosis with Bob Doane, Pediatric Acupuncture, treating children and babies, with Dr. Julian Scott, from the UK, a renowned children's practitioner of over 40 years experience and author of many publicized books on the subject.

I care about and listen to what your body needs by taking an in depth consultation of your medical case history to determine exactly what is going on, and can advise on the best dietary and life style changes for you to make in order to live the best version of yourself. Generally speaking most clients feel better after 5-6 treatments so it is well worth while to consider completing a course of treatments initially, after which maintenance visits of once a month is recommended to stay balanced and healthy.


I look forward to working with you soon on your journey of self healing and feeling better! Please do get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.


- Lina

"When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
 you touch everything.

- Lao Tzu 


A holistic therapy that uses very fine acupuncture needles to specific acupuncture points along the body to stimulate neural transmitters in the brain, triggering the release of the body's own pain-relievers (called endorphins or 'feel-good' chemicals). It also affects the production of other chemicals in the body which control our hormones, blood sugar, blood pressure etc. It encourages the free-flow of blood in the affected area, which helps reduce pain instantly (bringing a 30-50% reduction in pain from the first treatment alone!), brings rich nutrients to the area to encourage natural healing.  Research indicates that acupuncture can help boost the body's immune system and affects the sympathetic nervous system and endocrine system.  Further information can be found at 'The Acupuncture Council of Ireland's (ACI) website.

Acupuncture can be safely administered to both adults and children alike. Treating imbalances early on in childhood can change the person's life forever. Imbalances can be more easily corrected before they become more permanent pathologies in adult life. A summary of evidence for Pediatric Acupuncture (PAES) is hosted on the Evidence Based Acupuncture website and is available here:


Cost: 55 euro - 45 Mins (1 hr - 70 euro including first time consultation)

75 euro - 45 mins Acupuncture Treatment & 30 mins Cupping Massage Therapy

250 euro - Course of 5 Acupuncture Treatments

480 euro - Course of 10 Acupuncture Treatments


Cupping involves placing cups on the skin and using either heat or a vacuum pump to create suction. This causes blood to flow to the area which promotes healing, reduces pain, flushes out toxins, relaxes tight muscles and even improves the skins respiration. Great if you hold tension in the upper back or before or after a workout. Cupping is used by professional athletes all over the world to improve athletic performance. When coupled with acupuncture, or even as a stand alone therapy, ensures maximum benefit.

Moxibustion treatment involves burning 'Moxa' over the area of injury or discomfort. Moxa uses the herb Artemesia (Mugwort), an aromatic plant that is rich in essential oils, fats, enzymes and vitamins. The heat generated by burning the Moxa, penetrates deeply into the body and promotes circulation of blood, which is essential for healing, and a reduction of pain.  This helps to restore balance and promotes a sense of well-being.  This treatment can be used with Acupuncture Needles or on its own.

Cost: 35 euro - 30 mins Cupping Massage Therapy

75 euro - 30 mins Cupping Massage Therapy & 45 mins Acupuncture Treatment


Relaxing Swedish, Lomi Lomi or deep tissue massage to alleviate muscle tension and promote relaxation and overall sense of well being.

Cost: 60 euro - 60 mins

40 euro - 30 mins

85 euro - 45 mins acupuncture & 30 mins massage

A medical grade Microdermabrasion Facial Treatment involves the use of a MD machine and natural crystals to provide deep exfoliation of the skin, increased flow of blood to the face to bring vital nutrients essential for repair and regeneration, and helps promote the production of Collagen and Elastin to plump up and firm the skin. It is an excellent anti-aging treatment as it reduces fine lines, light pigmentation, sun damage, blemishes and extremely effective for the natural treatment of acne. A course of 6-8 treatments is usually recommended for maximum long lasting results, although clients can expect to see an improvement in their skin after just the first treatment.

Cost: 60 euro - 45 mins Treatment

300 euro - Course of 6 Treatments


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