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"I  had been going to get acupuncture with Lina for a while now to manage my Asthma. It was my last resort, as I had tried other things and nothing was helping! I was really suffering and couldn't breathe properly, and found that even just after one treatment that it really helped clear my sinuses and breathing issues. I can't recommend acupuncture enough!"

Rachel, Dublin

"I  initially tried acupuncture for my lower back pain. I found it really helped just after a couple of treatments and almost completely dissappeared after a course of about 5 treatments...since then I have been going to Lina for maintenance visits to keep balanced and healthy and found it helped with my occasional bouts of insomnia and stress. I also noticed that my right arm was more mobile than usual, since my car accident many years ago, and I regained better control of my arm. Lina explained that she uses a global balancing technique that balances out the whole body, so any imbalances are corrected. Awesome, Thanks! "

Karen, Dublin

"I went to Lina to get acupuncture for really helped reduce the pain! I can't recommend acupuncture enough for pain relief and so glad that I discovered it."

Niamh, Dublin

I suffered from Tennis Elbow and was already acquinted with getting acupuncture from another place, however I switched over to Lina as I found her treatments really helped with reducing the pain from 7/10 to only 1 or 2 out of 10. I also found that I needed less frequent treatments as the time between each treatment that I was pain free lengthened each time and my arm went back to normal more or less, and so I only needed maintenance visits of once a month to stay pain free. I was so impressed that I got my girlfriend to come in and get some treatments too! And since then I went back to Lina to get treatments for headaches and premenstrual pain and found not only did the treatments get rid of my pains, but I felt so relaxed during the treatments that I even fell asleep, so it was an added bonus of being a stress reliever on top of pain relief."

Debbie, Dublin

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